Thursday, April 12, 2018

Introducing Kier & Cathleen

Welcome to Crossover Cinema. I'm your host, Kier. I'm a late-blooming Christian. I consider myself born again, but not necessarily conservative. My mission in this blog is to promote thoughtful films and critique them from a faith perspective. I focus on movies that might attract nonbelievers and reward Christians too. 

I'm also a late-blooming movie reviewer. That is, at least in the sense of writing them down. In high school and college, I did review music, and a few movies. Last year, I was unexpectedly sent an invitation to screen a new movie before its release. Here, I thought, with much encouragement from my wife Cathleen, is my invitation to be a critic. That the movie was faith-related served as confirmation.

Cathleen is my in-house expert advisor on Christian life, from its history to its frontier. She has personal in-depth experience with many denominations and parachurch groups. Along with me, she has been a student of a wide range of Christian and other religion writers and speakers.

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